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A broadly based Australian publication that covers local and global food and wine related events, including the epicurean scene. News on wine and food people on the move and a connoisseurs club for local and business professionals. Welcome to the Executive Chefs Club. READ ALL ABOUT IT! Click on our E-MAGAZINE for a read. Bon vivant!

The who’s who of food and travel and what’s new in the world of chefs.


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Editors note by Mel Nathan
Editors note by Mel Nathan
The world is a stage; however none of the downbeat news of the world stops food writers and chefs from finding notable ways to celebrate, maybe with a magazine like ours.
Designed for busy people, we hope this journal will give you a laugh, make your day an easier one, based on stories from the local and international scene with food and chefs.
May we introduce Bill Ranken "The Best in the Business"... who will be taking happy snaps of the parties and players.
Culinary regards,
Editor in Chief
Mel Nathan
Socials pix by Bill Ranken
We've been to some marvelous parties!
I will attempt to keep you in touch with whatever's in and whatever's out and who's who in town with our chefs and restaurateurs.
I haven't yet been to the opening of an envelope yet, but I prepared to open one that has an exciting invitation. Mind you I did once go to the opening of a door but that's another story.
Older I may be but not yet jaded and am for ever wondering into the night looking for yet another event. Sydney is the party city and on the social round I could attend anything from a boxing match to the opening of a bordello and in between the occasional glamorous soiree with the A-list!
Over the years, I have seen many of the high flyers come crashing down, only to raise phoenix like some years later with another new exciting venture.
Fortunately Sydney is a rich tapestry and it still produces numbers of glamorous and beautiful people, sprinkled with visiting superstars. Which makes the Emerald city still one of the most interesting spots on the planet?
Culinary regards,
Bill Ranken
FCI's Social Snapper