What is Executive Chefs Club?

An informal Association of Executive chefs designed for interactive meetings with leading Purveyors and Producers in Australia in a global way.

Who are the members?

Bringing international chefs out the kitchen and in front of an interactive and fun atmosphere where leading chefs and producers get to network and learn in an intimate surrounding. You’ll find us frequenting mainly in kitchens for a long lunch or dinner, exotic and always something international. Swapping ideas and socialising this way is fun. It’s informative and engaging, but not too formal. You meet the most interesting chefs!

When do we meet?

We have scheduled get-togethers every two or three months to enable Executive Chefs to network, learn. Have fun!

Tell us about it?

Want to join us? Got a new product or beverage? Next scheduled meeting? Drop us a line at editor@foodcompanion.com or mel@executivechefsclub.com

Drop us a line at 02 9251 0551