What is Food Companion Magazine?

Founded in 2001, a lively, colourful, news driven, content rich food and wine industry journal for busy restaurateurs, hoteliers, executive chef, young apprentices, vendors, food and beverage managers, procurement managers and decision makers within Australia, Asia, USA and European markets. Food Companion International is divided into separate areas in the food and wine industry, including the top end of the market, the mass market and news on food and wine people on the move and also various networking clubs for professionals. It’s a broadly based publication that will cover global food and wine events, including the social scene, all the latest dining success stories, local and international food fairs and exhibitions, population spread, food and wine consumption and innovative ideas to keep you abreast of dining trends.

When do we publish?

We distribute a minimum of four journals per year, work with information providers, notable food industry contributors, vendors, food services associations, international education providers and hotel providers, to communicate what is hot with news, food wine and people. Additionally, we will be producing various special issues, internationally based on changing market trends.

Food Companion International ensures your message reaches its minimum 90,000 readership, and through proactive expansion and distribution strategies, you will not only be exposed to Australasia, but to the rest of the world.

If you are involved in the food and wine industry, this journal is for you!

Winter 2023

Essential ingredients – Milk, eggs, butter

Cheeses to die for!

Pasta – Flour plus imagination

Fresh & dried culinary herbs and salad greens

Who’s Hot in restaurant sales purveyors?

The art of combining – Sauces, side dishes and garnishing’s

Get a grip! – Latest in portable kitchen equipment

Best of the best – Event caterers and theme ideas

Travel Companion- Falls Creek as a food destination



Spring 2023

Festive foods around the globe

Starters, hot stuff and function favourites

Tall things – Rhubarb, asparagus, celery, cucumbers

What’s new in seafood and aquaculture?

Frappes, juices and other cool beverages

Plates and Food that go

Expats in the kitchen – London Report

Who’s hot in Education and Training Courses 2019?

Travel Companion – Food trends in New Orleans




Summer 2023-24

Coffee and gadgets that go

What’s Hot! From Melbourne

Just baked

Rediscovering chocolate

A Chef A Menu, a Dish

Fondant fancies – Icing’s that pastry chef will long for

Super yacht chefs on the high seas – UAE Report

So you want to be a chef or hotel professional? – Latest report and courses

Travel Companion –Tokyo Olympics food guide



Autumn 2023

Red meats and cabernet superstars

Spices, stocks and flavoursome ingredients

Piquant pleasures of ginger by Carol Selvah Rajah

Know your onions

A leaning towards poultry

Who’s Hot in Australian wild foods?

Antipasto favourites

Short things – Mushrooms, radishes, avocados, brussel  sprouts

Hotels and fitness – We review the latest in hotel gymnasiums

Travel Companion – Food Trends in Japan by Mel Nathan



Winter 2024

Fish tales – Delicacies from the ocean

Oils aint oils

Fairgame – a world of flavour

Seeds from the pod – snow peas, french beans and broad beans

The art of preserving – sun dried, smoked and salt

Succulent pork report

Tools and knives for busy chefs

Fondant fancies- icings that pastry chefs will long for

Travel Companion – British expats in Asia Report