Welcome to Food Companion International a culinary trade magazine with lots of consumer class thrown in.

We created this journal for busy chefs, apprentices, epicureans, restaurateurs, hoteliers and purveyors supplying to various restaurant sales sector. We plan to keep you abreast of the times and be progressive in thought to inform you what’s out there. FCI has a knack for spotting opportunities and talent and we use our intuition and knowledge of industry to keep you informed.

The only way to find out where you’re coming from and what you want is to ask questions and listen to your replies. FCI talks to you and listens – our editorial is on what you have said and want to read.

We are the Industry contributors magazine, where you can read about what is happening in industry sectors including; trade and travel plus the supply chain. Our list of contributors is never stagnant and you will be able to read about how professionals view the industry fit, not just from a journalists point of view.

We will publish four seasonal issues per year. Each issue is divided into three sections: The Epicurean scene emphasising on fresh produce, wellness and health. Foodservice where catering is done on large volumes and based on convenience. Last of all we cover Trade and Food expo’s. We will keep you posted with a bit of travel and wine as well.

Read about (A chef, A Menu, A Restaurant) it’s FCI’s way of restaurant reviewing in a subtle way. We also have an epicurean club for Executive and Pastry Chefs plus a study club for Apprentice Chefs to learn and exchange ideas. Meet chefs locally and worldwide.

Designed for busy people, we hope this journal will give you a laugh and make your day an easier one, based on stories on the local and international scene.

I hope you enjoy our future editions and the range of subjects that we cover because variety is the spice of a culinary person’s life!

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